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Sand separator

Sand separator


It is intended for use in wastewater treatment plants, paper-, cellulose- or wood-processing plants, and process water in industrial plants with impurities of a high density and not too large diameters.
Sand separators are also used to clean process water for vegetable and fruit processing, foundries, mining, recycling and many other applications.

Sand separator 1
Sand separator 2
Sand separator 3


The sand separator can be continuously fed with water. Sand and other foreign bodies with a high density sediment into the integrated container and are removed by a screw conveyor out of the system. The sand separator can be continuously fed with water. The screw conveyor automatically transports the sediment and discharges the material.


  • In optimal operating conditions, sand grains with a size of 0.2 mm or larger can be removed.
  • Hydraulically optimized structure prevents short-circuits and ensures high efficiency.
  • Integrated sand washer with filtrate.
  • Fully automated operation.

 System Options:

  • Three system sizes for flow rates of 15, 20 or 30 l / s
  • Frost-protected housing.
  • Automatic control.


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