Con-Tex screen-systems


Automatic screens


Coarse pre-purification of municipal or industrial wastewater


Impurities are hold back at the parallel arranged lamellas and removed by cleaning combs, which rotate over a conveyor circulating around the screen.


  • High cleaning effectiveness.
  • Transport of screenings from greater depths is possible.
  • Fully automated operation, combined with the integrated screening press.
  • The lamellas are extraordinarily robust. therefore, they are highly resistant to damage, which results in a maximum operating reliability.
  • Easy to install, low investment costs.
  • Low operational cost.

System options:

  • Dimensions in accordance to customer’s demands.
  • The gap size can be selected between 3 and 10 mm.
  • The conveyor belt can be installed with an inclination of 60° or 75°.
  • Frost-protected housing available.
  • Design variable according to customer's needs.