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Progressive Stair Screen PSS

Progressive Stair Screen PSS


Progressive Stair Screens are the latest development from Automatic Stair Screens with a even better separation rate.

Function mode

Progressive Stair Screen PSS is a mechanical ”moving bar” fine screen that separates debris and rubbish from water. PSS is a further development
of the conventional step screen concept. PSS progressive step shape and motion pattern increases the separation due to less bar movement which back supports the mat better.
The PSS sliding bottom motion also enables a sealed bottom step.
Moving bar step type fine screens has unique capabilities:
A 2-6mm Step Screen can replace a 10-30mm coarse screen in an existing open channel while maintaining the same low head loss,
without any need for pre screening.
Progressive Stair Screen PSS is totally self cleaning without flushing or brushes.
This gives unrivaled capacity, result and total economy.

Modern construction from robust stainless high quality materials.

  • Totally self cleaning. No spraying or brushes.
  • Totally self aligned bars without rakes.
  • Easy replaceable strong bars and spacers.
  • Flexible mounting angle up to 45 degree.
  • Progressive step motion increases separation due to less bar lift motion and sealed bottom step.
  • Easy adapted hinged support legs enables quick pivoting out of the channel for service.
  • Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.
  • Discharge height 700-7000mm
  • Width 200-2500mm
  • Bar spacing 0.5-6mm
  • Capacity 10-10000l/s


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