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Spiral Sieve Screen SSS


Spiral Sieve Screens are a good solution when space is limited and for installation in narrow channels or small compact units.

Spiral Sieve Screen SSS - 1
Spiral Sieve Screen SSS - 2
Spiral Sieve Screen SSS - 3

Function mode

Spiral Sieve Screen SSS separates, washes & dewaters solids (screenings, rubbish) from water. A rotating spiral with a peripheral brush cleans a screen basket. Available with or without integrated wash compactor. Concrete channel or freestanding steel tank mount. A good choice for small WWTP, especially with limited space availability.

Modern construction from robust certified stainless high quality materials.
Compact solution for narrow channels.
Single drive unit for both screen and integrated wash compactor.
Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.


  • Discharge height 1-5m
  • Width 200-500 mm
  • Perforation 1-10 mm
  • Capacity 10-200 l/s


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