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Lamella separator


Lamellar separators, also called inclined clarifiers, inclined plate separators or settlers, quick clarifiers, compact settlers, lamella separators, lamella clarifiers or parallel plate separators are used whenever impurities should be removed out of a liquid using sedimentation process:

  • Municipal sewage treatment plants (clarification after biological stage)
  • Industrial wastewater
  • In circulation systems for food processing (e.g. potato processing)
  • Process water treatment in paper, pulp or wood processing
  • separator in dedusting plants
  • to increase effectiveness of a downstream sand filter


The fluid to be cleaned flows in at the bottom of the inlet basin and flows upwards through specially designed lamellar chambers. Container, flow and lamellas are dimensioned in such a way that a specific slow, laminar flow occurs. In this inflow, the particles sink and slip down onto the obliquely arranged slides into the integrated sludge funnel.

By using the right dimensions of the flow channels between the lamellae, the sediment is prevented from being whirled up by the upwardly flowing liquid.
The collected sludge is dewatered and removed from the system by a sludge conveyor.


  • Almost completely passive cleaning process, therefore very reliable in operation
  • Very long service life, low maintenance

System options:

  • Lamella separators can be designed and realized according to the application requirements with respect to the dimensions necessary
  • Materials: high-grade steel, plastic, GRP.
  • can be combined with sand filtration
  • round construction size with improved current behavior


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