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Wastewater treatment in sewage plants; cleaning of industrial or process waters, e.g. paper recycling industry.

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The use of flotation may be considered whenever usual filtration or purification processes cannot be used effectively. This cleaning method uses the ability of small gas bubbles to attach to the surface of impurities, which increases its buoyant force and forces these particles to raise to the surface. This system works well on poorly wettable (hydrophobic) substances with a diameter up to 100 µm. The result is the formation of a thick foam on the water surface which can be mechanically collected and removed. In many cases the effectiveness is higher when this process is combined with the dossage of a flocculant or precipitation agent. The flotation method works best when the density of the impurities is not too different to the density of the surrounding media.


  • High economic efficiency due to long lifespan, as construction is made of stainless steel.
  • Optimized hydraulic size of the tank.
  • Automated control unit.
  • High density of the removed sludge.
  • Low investment costs.
  • Very high reliability.
  • Separates up to 95% of the undissolved matter.

System options:

  • Different sizes and forms according to the customer’s standards or needs.
  • Physical or physical-chemical flotation processes by the regulation of the water pH, the addition of flocculant, etc.



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