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coarse drum filter

Coarse Drum Filter


According to the opening size of the screen (0.3 - 3 mm), the drum filter can be classified between a coarse screen and a micro filter.

The gap size can be changed and there are systems available for flow rates from 3 to 1500 l/s. This is the reason why these systems are suitable for a large number of applications (wastewater treatment, process water, etc). Drum filters are especially suitable when the fluid contains fibrous contents, such as hair or plastic fibers, which tend to build up. The operation of this unit results in an outstanding performance. The installation can take place in a concrete channel or a steel tub (above the site level).

Coarserum filter 1
Coarserum filter 2
Coarserum filter 3
Coarserum filter 4


The core component of this system is a cylindrical filter cartridge, on which the filter material is applied. This material consists of a thin perforated stainless steel sieves.
The fluid flows from the inside outwards, passing the filter. When selecting the system, you must ensure that the flow rate is correct, to make sure that even fibrous materials are effectively separated. By rotating over a fixed shaft, the filter drum runs through internal brushes, which scrub the residues from the filter surface and transport them into a collecting gutter. In the gutter the screening is transported by a spiral screw out of the system. The transportation speed can be adapted to the volume of screenings.


  • Continuous filtration.
  • Automatic control of the filter cleaning by an integrated level control.
  • Separation, dewatering and pressing within one process.
  • Separates particles of a diameter larger than 0.1 mm.

System options:

  • Great variability regarding the water flow rate: 3 – 1500 l/s.
  • Can be installed in a channel or in a tub.
  • Cut-off limit of the filtration sieve from 0.1 to 3 mm.
  • Filter cleaning by means of washing nozzles.
  • Integrated press optional (if screened material is suitable).
  • Adaptation of the draining channel to the customer needs.


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