CON-TEX GRP tanks / containers

GRP tanks / containers

GRP tanks / containers

GRP tanks or containers of a volume up to 5000 m³.

No component is as widely used as a tank or container.

We offer GRP tanks designed and built according to our customers’ requests. The tanks can include flanges, inlets or manholes, etc.

During the production, two different materials – fiberglass and synthetic resin - come in contact with each other. Depending on the use of the tank, polyester, epoxy or vinylester resin might be used. The result of the chemical reaction forms an extremely robust material with relatively low density: GRP.

The tanks we offer are manufactured using the filament winding technology. This technology allows the repeatability of the manufacturing process and guarantees a very strong and stable final product.

The diameters of the containers we offer vary between 0.6 to 5 m, and the maximum height is 7.5 m.

The mechanical strength of the GRP container wall is up to 432 MPa and the elasticity module is up to 14.3 GPa.


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