CON-TEX Cooling water treatment

Cooling water treatment

Cooling water treatment


Preservation of cooling water in semi-closed or closed circulation cooling systems and wet scrubber - especially to control the growth of Legionella bacteria (according to 42th BImSchV by German Government)


Silvertex ® is a 3-dimensional textile mesh, which is drawn into water or other liquids to protect it against bacterial growth.

The mesh structure consists of polyester threads and polyamide threads that have been silver-coated (no Nano-silver!)

By providing silver ions into the surrounding fluid, Silvertex ® unfolds its antibacterial effect. The silver ions have an antiseptic effect of 4 to 5 log-levels; nevertheless, this product is not suitable for cooling systems with established biofilms. For the best possible results, the existing biofilms have to be removed mechanically and / or chemically before the application of Silvertex.


  • Maintenance-free application for up to 2 years.
  • Reasonable pricing.
  • Self-dosing and adjusting (no excessive dosage possible).
  • No chemical biocides and dosing pumps needed.
  • No application hazards.
  • No exposure to toxic substances / no toxic reaction results.


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