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Disc filter

Disc filter


Filtration of raw-, surface-, process- and sewage water.
They are typically applied in the paper and textile industry, in power plants, fish and animal farms.
These filters are particularly suitable when a high separation rate of suspended matter need to be achieved.


Every filtering disc is composed of a dozen filter segments which are mounted on the disc shaft. Every filter segment consists of a basic element which is covered by a filtering fabric. The water flows into the inner space of the filter segment and flows through the filtering material before reaching the outlet. During this process, particles are separated.

The filtration process takes place passively, by means of the inlet pressure of the water, though power is required for the cleaning of the filtering elements. For this purpose, the filter segments are rotated by a shaft in one direction and the integrated nozzles conduct a spray cleaning of the filtering fabric towards the opposite direction.

The resulting sludge is collected separately inside the system and removed using gravity or a pump. Filtration and purification processes take place simultaneously in this system.


  • Process flow rates up to 500 l / s.
  • Filtration with gaps up to 5 μm possible, resulting in high filtration quality.
  • Very small space requirement in relation to the filtering performance.
  • Attractive investment and operating costs.
  • Highly reliable cleaning process.
  • High resistance of the construction to wear and damage.

System Options:

  • Different system sizes with 4, 6, 10, 16 or 24 discs.
  • The separation limits of the filter fabric varies according to the requirements from 5 to 200 μm.
  • Variable installation possible: into a concrete channel or above floor level using a tub.
  • Sludge transport by gravity or pump.


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