CON-TEX disk filter - drum filter

Drum filter

Drum filter


Filtration of raw, surface, process and sewage water. This method is typically used in the paper and textile industries, in power plants, fish and animal farms.


The core system consists of a cylindrical uniform grid covered with filtering fabric. The filtering fabric can be replaced quickly without the use of any special tools.
When the raw water passes through the filter grid, particles are held back by the filter mesh. This process is driven by the inlet water pressure, therefore, the filtration process itself is completely passive and requires no electrical energy.

The filtering fabric is cleaned by back-flushing with filtrate. The control unit uses a level sensor as trigger to automatically control the rotation of the cylinder. This ensures that when the flow resistance increases (the water level in the preliminary container rises), the drum rotates, the filter fabric covered with dirt is backwashed and the raw water flows through the purified filter fabric.

The collected sludge is discharged in the integrated channel. From there, it can be removed passively by gravity or - if necessary - by means of a pump.


  • Only small space needed for installation.
  • Attractive investment and operating costs.
  • Highly reliable and fully automated operation.
  • High resistance to wear and damage.

System options:

  • Variable installation possible: into a concrete channel or in a steel tank.
  • The separation limit of the filter fabric can be selected from 20μm.
  • Different filter materials available.
  • Sludge discharge by gravity or pump.
  • Combination of several units in one block possible.


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