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Sand filter


When operating in optimal mode, sand filters can separate particles down to a diameter of 5 μm. They can be merged with each other and used as blocks.

Depending on the customers’ requirements those filter can be designed and constructed to literally any volumetric flow demand. Therefore, sand filters are used for a variety of applications, such as:

  • Treatment of drinking water (particle separation / removing of Iron and / or Manganese)
  • Filtration of municipal or industrial sewage
  • In combination with appropriate additives /precipitants: biofiltration, phosphate reduction, nitrification and denitrification
  • Cleaning of cooling water in circuit partial flow filtration
  • slag sintering separation in the metal processing industry


Sand filters from Con-Tex work continuously and without interruption of the filtration process using the counter current method. The row water flows via an inlet into a distribution tube, from where the water flows uniformly upwards. During the passage through the filter sand, particles are separated off and the purified water flows out of the filter housing via an overflow.

Simultaneously, the filter sand flows with a defined speed from top to bottom. This process is driven by a pneumatically mammoth-pump and a tube-in-tube system. Due to the pneumatic overpressure, the sand charged with particles is conveyed upwards from the bottom of the container through the inner tube. In the sand scrubber, the filter sand then trickles downwards inside the outer pipe while filtrated water is used to wash of particles from the sand’s surface. A small partial flow of the filtrate is used for this purification process. An integrated cone ensures that the cleaned filter sand is spread evenly on the filter bed.

For an optimal operating result, a sand filter should always be connected to other upstream mechanical cleaning stages such as screens, lamella separator or disk filter.


  • Operates continuously, no back flushing interruptions
  • Simple sensor technology and control technology, therefore very reliable
  • Mammoth's pump works pneumatically (low aerial consumption).
  • Very good filtration rates are achieved by countercurrent process
  • Continuous cleaning of the filter-bed, hence, no variations in the filtrate (if quality of food water / suspension is stable).
  • Long operational times of the filter material, resulting in attractive operating costs

System options:

  • Application-specific operation possible (building-up of secondary filter)
  • Combination of several filters with one central control / pneumatics
  • Filter housing materials optionally steel (1.4571, 1.4301), GRP or concrete

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