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Wash Press Compactor WPC

Wash Press Compactor WPC


Dewatering of sewage sludge, thickening of filtering residues in the paper industry, food processing industry, etc.

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Wash Press Compactor WPC is a screw press for washing, compaction and conveying of screenings and wet waste. WPC forces the material into a pipe system and can be combined with Back Pressure Shredder BPS which gives heavy mechanical agitation for high washing, compaction and dewatering. The screw flights gives a pulsating treatment of smaller portions which also increases washing, dewatering, & compaction.


  • Modern construction from robust certified stainless high quality materials.
  • Double trough gives high torque resistance and maximum dewatering capability.
  • Double trough allows for long inlet lengths. Saving additional conveyors and enables optimum perforation area of the inner trough for high dewatering and good drainage.
  • Robust wear steel lined screw and thick wear bars gives wear resistance and handles high compaction forces.
  • Separate thrust bearing and flexible coupling compensates for angle variations protecting the gearbox.
  • Compact design with selectable drive unit gives flexibility.
  • Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.


  • Height 300-600mm
  • Diameter 150-400mm
  • Capacity 0.5 -10m³/h
  • Dry solids 40-60%


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