Con-Tex screen-systems

Circular bar screen

Circular bar screen


It is intented for the pretreatment of wastewater in small plants and the separation of large particles in process waters (e.g. paper mills, sawmills)

Circular bar screen 1


The raw water flows through a cylinder built of parallel arranged round bars fixed at a certain distance. The filtration process takes place passively by the water pressure. During the filtration process, flow resistance arises, resulting in a rising the water level. The built-in control unit starts the rotation of two horizontal separators , which removes the separated material and dump it into a waste channel. The filtration process is not interrupted when this process starts.


  • Very compact dimensions.
  • Integrated bypass in case of a blockage.
  • High reliability, even when the water contains fat or other critical materials like fibers.
  • Impurities up to a size of 50 mm are removed.
  • Built-in fully automatic control unit.

System options:

  • Width of gap between screen bars: 3 mm or 6 mm.
  • Systems available for 10, 20 or 30 l/s flow rates.
  • Frost-protected housing available.


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