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Compact systems

Compact systems CCU / SCU


Compact System to remove solids from (waste-) water

Compact Units - CCU / SCU - 1
Compact Units - CCU / SCU - 2
Compact Units - CCU / SCU - 3
Compact Units - CCU / SCU - 4
Compact Units - CCU / SCU - 5
Compact Units - CCU / SCU - 6
Compact Units - CCU / SCU - 7


Compact systems CCU or SCU basically consist of a screen installed in a container – for larger units a step screen ASS or PSS is used, while in smaller unit (SCU – 4-30 l/s) a spiral sieve screen is embedded.
In CCU system the screenings are treated by a Wash Press Compactor WPC, ensuring the same results and performance as with stand-alone units.
For septic sludge receiver and when a high sand load can be expected, a stone trap with discharge screw is integrated in the compact system.
The grit trap can optionally be operated with aeration. For larger systems a grease separation compartment with circular skimmer and scumbeach can be integrated.


  • Modern construction from robust certified stainless high quality materials.
  • Module design enables change of screen equipment in the system: Spiral screen or step screen.
  • Alternative screenings treatment: Integrated or separate Wash Press Compactor.
  • Enclosed, safe & hygienic with easy to open access doors.
  • Systems can be delivered completely pre-assembled (except CCU 1900)


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